Archimede Solar Energy is a spa Angelantoni Group (27% owned by the Group Siemens spa) active in the field of renewable energy, a manufacturer of high temperature solar receiver tubes for thermodynamic power plants using molten salts (patent Enea idea of the Nobel Prize Carlo Rubbia) that Enel has already adopted in Priolo Gargallo (Sr) - the first plant in the world for the production of electricity from hybrid (gas and solar power) - that will be used to build giant solar mirror plants in the Sahara desert (Desertec). 's new headquarters ASE is being built within the new Centre for Renewable Energy Renewable Energy, located in Massa Martana Station (PG). The Pole, as you can see from the model, would contain within it a Central Biomass which will ensure the production of Electricity and through which heat can be recovered to? Ing environmental conditioning and process. 's edition? ie, divided on three levels above ground for about 3500 square meters, will host the basement parking and technical rooms, the ground floor features to the public reception, a reception area and a variety of meeting rooms on the first and second floors of the offices? there operational and management and the terrace floor will be devoted in part to accommodate the plants in the recreation areas. The project involves a different characterization of the facade depending on exposure to solar radiation. The south elevation main entrance will feature a facade structure of the curved section which becomes coverage of EDI? Ie in the? Erence of the north, where to? Acciano the u? There at various levels, directly exposed to natural light. The orientation of EDI? Ie, the study of the two fronts will give the opportunity for future users to maximize sunlight and ventilationnatural. integrated into the front cover is one of the most important themes of the project: its structure addition to making the interior shaded and comfortable, it was designed to? them to ensure high energy performance. The idea is to create a space shaded naturally ventilated, able to maximize solar gains free. It 's the south side the integrated coverage, representing the most innovative element of design and construction: characterized by a primary structure in steel, the maxi-wall is covered with a skin of glass and turn screen made ​​of micro modules that allow the passage of light and protect it from overheating. " The goal that we wanted to achieve is the Energy Class A (standard CasaClima) and approaching the Carbon Neutral (zero emission C02), in addition to meeting the comfort and health of environments, using a mix of strategies multidisciplinary intervention through models and simulations integrated. " Overall, the building envelope (both south and one facing north) will cut down the need for thermal energy (compared to the edi? Ie standard) by about 50% in the summer and? 80% in the no winter. Further well? There will be derived from the use of the geothermal plant for the recovery and the exchange of energy, from that of natural ventilation and from the biomass power plant for the production of sanitary hot water ".