El Pangue House / Elton+Leniz Arquitectos Asociados

Architects: Elton+Leniz Arquitectos Asociados
Location: El Pangue, Chile
Associated Architects: Mirene Elton, Mauricio Leniz
Colaborator Architect: Germán Rodríguez Olivo
Builder: Beranda
Area: 437 sqm
Year: 2009
Photographs: Natalia Vial

El Pangue House stands on a steep slope facing the ocean. The house is organized with a central vertical circulation, connecting the 4 levels and 3 terraces, in order to get as much of the view of the pacific ocean as possible, taking advantage of the height offered by the natural slope of the site.

Each level contains a different part of the program; access is through the lower level, where you find parking, storage and an open shower. The next level houses the public zones of the house, such as the kitchen, play room, dining room and living room. The third level features bedrooms and the family room, and the fourth the main bedroom.

SectionThe constructive system is generated upon sustaining concrete walls that terraces the site in three levels. The fourth level was designed as a lightweight structure with wood siding. The living room level appears as a great terrace surrounded by planters, which replace the railings.