Inspiring Mexico Residence Built With Original Maya Tools

Mexico is a beautiful country, with unusual wild nature and cool jungles, it’s an inspiring place to build a house. A New York couple decided to build a cool modern residence in the capital of the Mexican state of Yucatán. The unusual thing is that this amazing residence was renovated by a Maya construction crew whose members didn’t use machines or wheelbarrows, but fashioned their own tools and carried building materials. The villa is luxurious: there are four bedrooms, a screening room, a generous kitchen and dining area, a rooftop terrace and a spacious yard with a glassed-in pool and an outdoor fireplace. The interior is modern, bright: in every room there’s some colorful accent – an orange wall in the kitchen, a blue wall in the living room, red letters in the hall and a highly minimalist bathroom – just tile walls and store appliances. I love the pool in front of the house that has a transparent wall – blue water looks so dramatic!