The Salt Marsh - A construction, the ancient Lime-Kiln. 
Configuration - Result of volcanic, black and porous stratification, due to the fast process of lava – a rare balance between Form and Place. 
Occupation of the Place – An old artisan industry related to fishing industry, dry of “cat-fish”, and extraction of the salt from the rocks gave the name to the place – Salinas. 

A long wall – develops and articulates the peripheral limit of the Salt marsh and gives continuity to a circuit of paths "Caminho da Trincheira” bordering the sea. 

A thick wall supports the cliff and shelters the content. 
A topographical wall sweetens and limits the surroundings. 
A wall in stone contextualizes the place. 

A platform in concrete, with precise geometry relates with the sea – opposing and confronting the irregularity of the coast evidencing it. 

The high quota, the building of the restaurant of intrinsic geometry related to the place, punctuates the horizontality of the thick walls. Creating a view with a panoramic embrasure, that allows a portion of sea within the big room, establishing an intense relation between inside and outside, strengthening the views of the Atlantic.