10 Awesome Outdoor Installations That Will Inspire You

6. Horse Sculptures Galloping Up a River

While this year’s ArtPrize, the world’s largest open art competition, had over 1,500 entries, one stood out amongst all the rest. Created by Richard Morse, Stick-to-it-ive-ness: Unwavering pertinacity; perseverance featured nine life-size horses made of dead apple trees making their way up the Grand River. The inspiring installation was made to symbolize the struggle and perseverance we must all go through during difficult situations. The artwork ultimately won 4th place at the art competition.

7. Lit Up Pieces of Paper Caught in a Breeze

London designer Paul Cocksedge created a gorgeous installation resembling pieces of paper caught in a breeze for the Festival of Lights in Lyon, France. Installed in the courtyard of Lyon’s Hotel de Ville, the 25-metre-long sculpture, called Bourrasque, was comprised of 200 A3-sized sheets made from an electrically conductive material that lights up when a current passes through it. Each of these double-sided sheets was individually moulded by hand in London, and then assembled on site.

8. 100,000 LED Lights Float Down Tokyo River

As part of the Tokyo Hotaru festival held this past May, a stunning light display of 100,00 LED lights floated down the Sumida River through central Tokyo. Called “prayer stars,” the lights were made to resemble fireflies, insects that have been long celebrated in Japanese culture. Panasonic created the LEDs, which automatically lit up on contact with water, specifically for this magnificent display.
9. Massive River of 10,000 Lit Up Books

For The Light in Winter festival in Melbourne, Australia, Luzinterruptus took 10,000 discarded books, lit them up with flashlights and then arranged them to look like a massive river overtaking the city. The Spanish art collective’s largest installation yet, Literature vs Traffic even encouraged its visitors to take the books home with them at the end of the art event.

10. 90,000 Plastic Balls Inspired by Wisterias in Monet’s Paintings

For the Le Havre’s Contemporary Art Biennale, Canada-based architects and designers at Claude Cormier + Associés Inc. paid tribute to Monet, the father of Impressionism, by assembling 90,000 plastic balls over the walkway of Le Havre City Hall. Set in five vibrant colors, the installation resembled a pop art piece that simply aimed to delight its visitors.

Which of these outdoor art installations inspires you?