Guggenheim Jeddah / Abdulelah Alharbi

The concept derives from the relationship between art and architecture, particularly the architectural drawing. By mixing water with ink, intricate patterns are revealed, tracing trajectories and organic shapes that can be translated into buildings.

The project is located in the city of Jeddah, one of the most promising building sites in Saudi Arabia. It aims to support dissemination of culture and the development of regional tourist capacities. It is part of a larger development plan, which seeks to link the neighboring Ubhor beach resort with the city of Dhahran. The building consists of several separate volumes, creating a configuration that morphs into the terrain. Theroof design includes solar and ETFE panels, utilizing local environmental conditions.

Known for their distinctive appearance and selective exhibitions, series of Guggenheim Museums are architectural and cultural landmarks. Associated with the names of the Guggenheim Museums ar­chitects like Frank Lloyd Wright (New York), Frank Gehry (Bilbao -Abu Dhabi), Zaha Hadid (Taiwan), the project aims to integrate the city into the global cultural network.