Ring of Life – China

china is quickly and fiercely pushing it's way to become a global leader in many fields, exhibiting new and astounding feats including their 
newest monument now reaching completion. as the name suggests, the mammoth 'ring of life' in fushun is a 157-meter diameter metal ring 
made using 3,000 tons of steel, illuminated by 12,000 individual LED lights in what will most likely be a very coordinated impressive light show,
complete with four elevators to help visitors to the top. the 16-million dollar structure has been recently receiving much attention on
social media sites and online publications due to to its function: a site-seeing monument. the project, apart from its absurd use of material
and money, raises a more important question about the appropriateness of generic, iconic mega-buildings that lack any specificity to site
and offer, as in this case, little to no real social value.

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image © sina weibo