The Invasion of Architectural LOLCats

On a lighter note, some of the thesis students here at Wurster Hall went stir crazy over Spring Break and have been developing a trove of Architectural LOLCATS. You are welcome to join us and submit your own Architectural LOLCAT at the following tumblr page, and suggest your own captions!

Maru gets stuck in the Philip Johnson's Glass House

Le Kittenusier'

The Birds Nest by Purrzog and deMeowron

Office for Meow Architecture (OMA) Seattle Kitten Library

Paul Rudolph's brutal Cat and Architecture Building at Yale

Catteus Woods - Catnip Free Zone 1990

Archigram's - Walking Kitty

Mies Van der Meow strikes again

St Marys Cats - Tokyo

SANAA Kitty Box

The Classic Falling Kittens

Mario Botta's SF MeOwMA

Institute of Catemporary Art - Diller, Scofidio and Renfro

The Purrrrr Building - Diller, Scofidio and Renfro

Wurster Scratching Post, our home sweet home

Libeskitten finds out the hard way.

Kittens Pavillion - Shanghai Expo 2010

Nelson Atkin Meowseum - Steven Holl

Sendai MediaCat - Toyo Ito

Sanaa - Rolex Purrrrning Center

Something these cats can really appreciate

Coop Himmel(m)eow

NBBJ's adorable basket of kittens

Rem Koolpaws

Louis Kittahn

Purrruit Igoe

La Purrrette

The Purrrrthenon

The Leaning Meower of Pisa

K.T. Escher's Impossible Staircases

Thermeow Vals - Peter Zumthor

The Purrrgenheim

Kickboxing Kitty in Prague permanently deforms elastic curtain walled building.