Oda Dental Clinic / Studio Meta- / Indonesia

Oda Dental Clinic introduces a warm welcoming lobby through its unique design. Inspired by ornamental quality of a mouth, Meta- creates a fluid space mimicking a mouth by using wooden stripes as mouth palate, white contemporary sofa as teeth and combined with natural elements such as vertical green wall. The design of the lobby interprets a different way of experiencing being inside a mouth by providing a comfortable space, interactive pocket space and integration of natural color and materials. The essential is to let patients be inside the clinic then forget the typical image of a clinic.

Architects : Studio Meta-
Project : Oda Dental Clinic
Project type : Clinic
Location : Jakarta, Indonesia
Client : Oda Dental Clinic
Project team : Jaenes Bong, Jonathan Alotto, Jaena Bong
Area : 100m2
Status : Design proposal
Software used : Autocad, Rhinoceros, Grasshopper, Cinema4D