Tarh O Amayesh - Project - Central mosque of Prishtina

Impressive proposal for Prishtina Central Mosque comes from Iran-based office TARH O AMAYESH Consultant Architects & Town Planners. Their design is funded on a belief that the mosque is a place for praying and going from body to soul. In their understanding, the prayer connects the earth to the sky and the mosque is a space for be becoming. As the becoming is a symbol of movement and movement is a source of mosque, the building is done in this theoretical framework – they designed a space that symbolizes ascending spirit from soil to the sky, from the city to the KIBLAH.

Due to its central location in the urban area, the surrounding gives the immediate identity to the project which acts as a link for different levels of the city. The very concept of the mosque is defined by the composition of open and closed spaces. Several plazas are designed in south, north and east, therefore supporting the access from the city to the mosque. The green plaza with the inevitable water is a symbol of close relation with the nature, having in mind that the order of nature is a sign of God.

The form of the mosque is shaped by rotating curves – symbol of the Dome, which is the common sign in spiritual architecture. The structural and architectural concepts in this project are joined together in order to answer needs of each other. That is the reason why the size of structural elements in this project doesn't simply come as the result of mathematical and economic limitations, but represents more subtle equation.