Ag++ carbon Fiber / Case Logic

Ag++ carbon Fiber it's a Carbon Fiber Earphones produced by Case Logic

Ag++ Carbon Fiber is a collection of high performance earbuds distributed across Asia Pacific exclusively by the U.S. company Case Logic. The features and functions of these earbuds have been thoroughly researched and refined with an eye on the form and expression of this object that touches the human body daily. The minimalist yet dynamic design enhances the functions and technical features of these earbuds: the flat cord, the silicone pads, the carbon fiber casing, the audio driver and the other features are not simply spare parts to be assembled but acquire an aesthetic presence.

The high performance built-in driver has a 8mm diameter titanium casing to ensure high definition sound for strong bass with all types of music. The built-in driver ensures top quality sound in perfect synch with enhanced bass for a near studio experience. Built-in stainless steel mesh protects the driver and the other sound components. The silicone pads are especially designed to reduce background noise and are available in three sizes for a perfect fit. Ag++ Carbon Fiber is produced by Pineway Asia Ltd. and distributed across Asia Pacific by Case Logic. Pineway Asia Ltd. is the authorized sole distributor for Case Logic Mobile and Hardware in Asia Pacific. 

Sent to us by: Andrea Ponti
Ponti Design Studio Ltd.

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