Allegro new headquarters / PIXEL - Poland

PIXEL office park will be a complex of five buildings. Construction of the first completed by the end of 2012, It was moved to the Allegro Group. It was designed by Warsaw-JEMS Architects.According to their concept of all office buildings to be environmentally friendly. To reduce the energy needed for lighting rooms, designed the façade so that this would let the interior up a lot of natural light.

The new office will work Allegro approximately 1,200 people. They will be able to enjoy the terraces and gardens, which will be built on the roof. The building is to be friendly not only for the environment but also for users, so the entire complex will be banned for passenger traffic. Internal streets will take place bike lanes. Employees will also be able to leave their children in daycare already operating there.

Facade of the building from the main route is calm, almost entirely glass. However, from the other inner part, the architects designed facade consisting of a protruding cubes. The resulting space between them is filled with wood and greenery. Similarly, they will look the other office.

Construction of the building devoted to expenditure of more than 73 million zł. It has 10 storeys (seven ground and three underground). In the extended garage was founded until 420 parking spaces. The total area of ​​the building amounted to 33 thousand. sq.m.