B+U’s Animated Apertures to be featured at the ArchiLab 2013 exhibition

Baumgartner+Uriu's "Animated Apertures", a housing tower in Lima, Peru, will be featured at the ArchiLab 2013 exhibition at the FRAC (Les Fonds Régional d'Art Contemporain) in Orleans, France starting in September. Curated by ArchiLab founders Marie-Ange Brayer (Director of FRAC Centre) and Frédéric Migayrou (Deputy Director of the Centre Pompidou), the exhibit will display the projects of 40 international architects focusing on the topic, "Naturaliser l'architecture" (naturalizing architecture). The topic "explores the challenges in simulating the real world" and the relationship between digital architecture and the sciences.

Staying true to nature as possible, Herwig Baumgartner and Scott Uriu designed Animated Apertures to be "an interactive and intelligent building organism" as opposed to digitalized congruity. And that idea is clearly conveyed with the structure's biomorphic forms and natural color palette. A large scale model, drawings, renderings and an animation of the housing tower will be displayed at the exhibit.

The exhibit opens Sept. 5 for the press preview and on Sept. 14 for the public. The exhibit will run until Feb. 14, 2014.