Hypnosis Chamber / Modern Art Museum, France

Architect: R&Sie(n) with Benoit Durandin… Paris
Creative team and associates partner: François Roche, Stephanie Lavaux, Jean Navarro, Benoit Durandin
Seats shell ; Design by Mathieu Lehanneur
Hypnosis specialist ; François Roustang.
Key dimensions: 15 m2
Client : Mam / Mudam
Cost: 0,12 M€ 

Experiment of hypnosis individual cession in the research and exhibition “I’ve heard about”. 

1) Enter in a “heterotopian” cognitive room.
2) Let you dive secondly in a “wake up dream”, filled by vocal information on “I’ve heard about” urbanism.
3) Feel yourself as a nerve termination inside the organic and self-determination growing structure.
4) Keep the speculation and experiment alive as a possibility of transformation of your own biotope.

Somnambulism, n. -1. Mental activity produce during the phase called waking sleep, or even heightened consciousness. Somnambulism can be characterized by the sensation of an indefinite, uncertain and problematic state, a state of unstable consciousness revealing a new relationship with the world, others and oneself. -2. Historically, this unusual state of the consciousness labelled hypnosis in the first half of the 19th century has been an attempt to develop spaces of freedom, egalitarian social projects, that could not be perceived and explored except in this state. It could be said that confronted by the impossibility of modifying the mechanisms of the real, tangible, political world, this prefeminist movement strove, on the contrary, to create a different and distanced layer of existence somewhere out of reach. Although diabolized and treated as charlatanism, nevertheless all of premodern reformist thought drew on this movement. -3. Trans-door, a method of hypnotic suggestion used during the “I’ve heard about” experiment (cf. teleportation).

“The great industrial and financial powers produced not only commodities, but also subjectivities”

The hypno-chamber is produced as an indoor chamber, an immersion zone, where an hypnosis session has been registered and help citizen to escape from their alienated social condition.