Siamese Blossom @Fashion_Plot C Townhome / Somdoon Architects Ltd- Thailand

Siamese Blossom is a townhouse project on Raminthra Road, a suburb on the north of Bangkok. The scheme aims to create a living space within greenery, conveying a sense of community and to fix the common problems of townhouses. These include a lack of natural ventilation and a lack of natural light found in a long and narrow plot.

The townhouses are arranged to allow the narrow elevations facing East and West to gain minimum heat from the sun. In contrast the long elevations entail openings facing the North and South to get natural ventilation. They become perpendicular with the main public road in the centre of the development. Plants walls and fences along the main public road provide security and control before accessing to the townhouses, whilst maintaining a friendly atmosphere.

The townhouses are systematically designed to be 12m apart. The space in between becomes a shared garden and a key space for natural cross-ventilation between the two rows. In this respect the gardens become a community space as they are only accessible by the immediate townhouses.

Each row of townhouses consists of 7-8 units with 3 different plot widths; 4.8m, 5.2m and 5.45m.

Project Title
Siamese Blossom @Fashion_Plot C Townhome

Project Location
Raminthra Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Project Dates
Design Inception : December 2011
Start of Construction :  September 2012
Targeted Completion Date : December 2014

Project Details
Plot Area: 63,965.40 m2
Gross Floor Area: 72,300.00 m2
Unit Size: 182-239 m2
- Type 4.80m wide/ 182-194 m2 /134 units
- Type 5.20m wide / 220-228 m2/146 units
- Type 5.45m wide/ 225-239 m2/64 units
Total  336 units


Siamese Asset Co.,Ltd.

Somdoon Architects Ltd

Principal Architect:
Punpong Wiwatkul

Project team:
Supat Vongruttana
Angsusorn Apirajkamol
Kularis Lawanwit
Panit Limpiti
Supasiri Pokaprakarn

Consultant Team
Interior Architect: Somdoon Architects Ltd
Landscape Architect: Sanitas Studio Co.,Ltd.
Structural Engineer: Ritta Co.,Ltd.
Mechanical & Electrical Engineer: Siamese Asset Co.,Ltd.

Main Contractor
Siamese Asset Co.,Ltd.