SPACE TO CULTURE - Competition

The Young Architects Competitions (YAC) is promoting the Space to Culture an architectural competition addressed to architects, designers, artists, graduates and students. The challenge is to transform and reform an industrial park with 15.000 square meters located in Granarolo, Bologna, in Italy, into a new space for leisure, culture and arts.
The Space to Culture competition has a total prize money of 15.000 Euro and projects will be submitted to the appreciation of a jury. The members of the jury are: Ipollito Pestellini Laparelli (OMA – Rotterdam), Martino Tattara (Studio Dogma – Brussels), Enrico Lascone (Enrico Lascone Architects – Bologna), Caludio Nardi (claudio Nardi Architects – Firenze), Michele Traietto (Nute Participazioni – Bologna), Edoardo Currà (La Sapienza University – Rome), Annalisa Trentin (Alma Mater University – Bologna) and Nicola Leonardi (ThePlan magazine – Bologna).
The YAC’s initiative is the result close partnership with the Italian company Nute Participazioni, the owner of the industrial site, and has also gathered other parners like OMA, Dogma, Bologna University, UNL University, ThePlan and other institutions.

Mind the dates

Early bird: the 18th of November 2013 – the 16th of December 2013
Standard: the 17th of December 2013 – the 27th of January 2014
Late entries: the 28th of January 2014 – the 24th of February 2014
Deadline: the 10th March 2014

Results announcement: the 25th of March 2014
Award ceremony and exhibition: the 5th of April 2014

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