Israel Hadany - Sculptor - Sculptures Collection

Born in Israel in 1941, Israel Hadany is now considered to be one of its most prominent sculptors. In 1957 he began his studies at the Avni Institute in Tel Aviv and then continued to post-graduate studies at Hornsey College of Art in London.
Hadany often participates in international art fairs, conventions and biennales and his monumental works can be spotted all around the globe; nonetheless his indoor sculptures are just as grand. By using a special technique of merging thin layers of plywood - a seemingly plain, mundane material – Hadany artfully weaves architectonic and mystical memories, inspired by extinct cultures and impressions from his travels around the globe, into harmonious and timeless creations which are anything but plain.

Israel Hadany presented Voyage in 2007 and Sculptures in 2004 in Golconda Fine Art.