Paul Cocksedge's Living Staircase Spirals From Floor to Ceiling With Lush Greenery

Curving planters line the banisters of Paul Cocksedge‘s Living Staircase, creating lines of swirling greenery that reach from floor to ceiling. The overflowing plants create a welcoming environment while naturally cleaning the air.

The spiral design is wider than a standard staircase, inviting employees to spend time with the plants. The spirals open into three circular wooden platform spaces that are lined with rounded benches. These landings can function as social places, impromptu meeting areas, or foliage-filled lunch spots during cold weather.

Cocksedge designed the living staircase to inspire and to entice the senses while offering a place to stop, look, smell and feel while moving from one meeting to the next. The beds could be planted with edible herbs and small fruit-bearing plants to provide a source of nourishment for employees during their lunches.