Zhangmiao Exercise Park - Shanghai, China

The design of the Zhangmiao Exercise Park has been developed under the guidance of landscape urbanism. 
With the combination of runway, square and landscape, an ecological system is built at the corner space of the city.
The street corner was only filled and leveled up to meet the basic requirement of the citizens, but did not provide more choice of public activities to the whole area. Through the process of design, the architects not only consider the functional requirement, but also integrate the urban dynamic element into it.

The application of wind and solar energy provides the night lighting. The vertical grass vegetation creates different scales of spatial possibility. The corridor space combine with the publicity function, becomes a sheltering space for citizens. The jogging path, which is paved with plastic cement, even becomes the liveliest space in the whole area for people hanging out at night. 

Zhangmiao Exercise Park, Baoshan District, Shanghai
Architects: Archi-Union Architects (Philip F. Yuan)
Schematic Design: Alex Han, Shaoliang Hua, Fuzi He
Construction Design: Fuzi He, Weiwei Zhao
MEP: Fengying Li, Xinhua Zhang
Area: 4,000 sqm
Completion: 2013