A Black Modern House in Argentina

Located in a suburb just outside of Buenos Aires, Argentina, Andres Remy Arquitectos's Black House is a dark, imposing structure set against the clear, blue skies and the lush, green landscape of its surroundings. Corners of the house seem to jut out in unexpected places, the architecture is harshly angular, and if it weren't for the three, interconnecting pools weaving throughout the house and for the white interiors, the house would almost look too dark and foreboding. Yet, the overuse of water and glass walls and the bonus of a lake in the backyard, add refreshing and relaxing characteristics to the house.

1 |The”hanging” room jutting out at the back of the house is the master bedroom on the second floor. There are also more bedrooms at the front of the house on the second floor.

2 |The glass walls allow a full view of the lake from the living room.

3 |The social areas of the house were divided in two, with the living room facing the lake at the back of the house and the kitchen and dining area at the front of the house. The two sides of the house, the backyard-facing side and the front entrance-side, are connected by a glass bridge over the center pool.

4 |The white interiors are a nice offset to the mostly black exteriors.

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11 |Remy’s noted Waterfall House garnered him worldwide recognition and now his aquatic affinity is apparent in the Black House with its interconnecting pools.

12 |A shallow pool divides the house in two and allows indirect sunlight to bathe the interiors.

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