Marne-la-vallee university library, beckmann n'thepe architectes

Beckmann n'thepe architectes: marne-la-vallee university library

First image
'Marne-la-vallee university library' by beckmann n'thepe architectes, paris, france
image © alain deswarte
All images courtesy of beckmann n'thepe architectes

located at the heart of marne-la-vallee university in paris, france, the new library will offer students a new place in which to read and interact with
the architecture. the project, designed by french practice beckmann n'thepe architectes, is situated on the historical high house farm dating back 
to the 17th century, and contains a natural mote and several vegetative features. the design preserves the natural environment, conceptualized as a 
brown concrete box like a block of earth hoisted above a solid base, overlooking the natural landscape. the ground floor contains the reception,
an area marked by simple rectilinear forms of thick concrete and steel supporting the reading room above which floats over the site with large glass
volumes letting in light to the 1200 reading spaces. a portion of the entry level, partly under ground, contains a reflective skin to help the massive
structure disappear amongst the greenery. the interior in turn boasts white surfaces, a tranquil environment to read and think, not distracting,
with bursts of color injected at key moments such as the bright blue perforated metal stairs.

mote of water surrounds the library
image © alain deswarte

facade facing the street
image © alain deswarte

image © alain deswarte

image © alain deswarte

reflective material on the ground level mirrors the natural environment
image © alain deswarte

front elevation
image © alain deswarte

ramping entry under ground
image © alain deswarte

image © alain deswarte

image © alain deswarte

spaces visually connect to the water feature brought under the building
image © alain deswarte

entry under the structure
image © alain deswarte

metal screen stairs
image © alain deswarte

site plan

floor plan / level 0 - garden plan

floor plan / level 0

floor plan / level 1

floor plan / level -1

roof plan






Project info:

program: construction of a library / landscape and moat / reading rooms, auditorium, cafeteria, offices, logistics, car park (20 places)
architects: agence beckmann-n’thépé (paris)
client: marne-la-vallée university (marne-la-vallée –77, france)
client assistance: auris (boulogne billancourt – 92, france)
area: 8670 m² net floor area + outside spaces
cost: 19.6 m€ excl. vat
delivery date: may 2011 (site in progress)

Architectural design office team:
project manager: hélène méhats
architects: fabio cummaudo, wilfried daufy, anne-catherine dufros, marc durand, nicolas gaudard, thamila hamiti, david malaval, david tajchman, frédéric taupin
assistant architects: amélie authier, maïté dupont, li fang, linna lay, laetitia pignol bet (technical design office)

structure + fluids: cotec (pantin – 93, france)
heq (high environmental quality): franck boutté consultant (aubervilliers – 93, france)
landscape designer: emmanuelle blanc (paris, france)
facade engineer: van santen (lille – 59, france)
economist: sterling quest associates (paris, france)
acoustics: peutz (paris, france)
fire safety + fire safety system coordinator: prévention consultants (montigny-le-bretonneux – 78, france)
quality and technical building control: qualiconsult (champs-sur-marne – 77, france)
health and safety coordinator: ouest coordination (verrières le buisson – 91, france)
building supervisor and coordinator: ipcs (paris, france)