The President’s House will accommodate all races and all nations inside its doors. Congregating domain for the arts, the sciences and the public demo-geography, it will stand as a symbol for human achievement against all forms of intellectual and cultural schisms.

Composed by a courtyard-like building, the Building occupies the center of the Capital main green. As it preambles the presence of the United States of America first Man, it embodies its entire nation by allowing thousand of visitors, migrants, refugees or officials to find repair within its confines.

The President’s Residence will be located at the highest point of the Building. Its raised vantage point will enable the President to keep an extended gaze over domestic and foreign matters. Its undeniable visibility will promise a responsible presence on the American People and a clear position against worldly concerns.

A state -of-the-art facility, the Building accommodates two of its four wings (the Northern and Eastern-lower ones) to administrative and governmental departments. Their presence allows the President to avoid lengthy absences and travel to separate locations, thus establishing the Building as a catalyst for National mandates.

The White Building will represent the heights of American innovation and present them within its Cultural Center. This Museum for Human Achievement will enable visitors to witness the progress of our civilization as it faces Goliath -like challenges.