Wuxi Xidong Park Bridge by L&A Design Group

This is an ongoing project designed by L & A Design Group, a Chinese architecture firm, which came up with this futuristic design. The bridge has a very modern aspect and it will function as a pedestrian spot too, located in Wuxi Xidong Central Park, in Jiangsu, China.

The bridge will function as a link between the north and south shores of the park and will also feature another brilliant element, a man-made island that will be surely an attraction for tourists and locals as well. This man-made island will be a perfect spot if you want to look at the calm water or if you want to relax and enjoy the tea room facilities or the gardens that surround the area.

The shape of the pedestrian bridge looks like an “S” and the dynamic and smooth lines in the design render the idea of a futuristic atmosphere .The undulating aspect in the design is a way of copying the connection with water, courtesy from the L & A Design team.

The access towards the lower deck of the pedestrian bridge will be made with the help of ramps. Everyone can enjoy the man-made island’s isolation and the canopy zones that offer seclusion and shade. There is also a traffic-free passage that will allow access to the city center while boats can pass underneath this area.

The structure of the bridge will combine lightweight steel and other materials such as timber detailing that will be polished or outer panel skins that will have a light colored hue. During the day,the visitors can enjoy the natural sun beams while during the night walks the bridge will be all lit up.