SWeeT Co.,ltd | Hacienda del cielo

“Sky house” shining in the sky of Tokyo. Hacienda del cielo means “Sky house” in Mexican. Overall directionality is Mexican style. By mixed LA Latin style we give entertainment characteristics to the restaurant. On 9th floor, an elevator opens and passes through the kitchen.

Guest can find Crystal object which is image of Aztec God kukulucan, snake with wing. Height 5m, made Python pattern by 6 millions of crystal.

The image of this object is that kukulucan going down from the heaven.

By another technique “Glass mosaic”, we made bar counter by Python pattern. At the main dining hall, we designed cement tile arrange by Mexican textile design which is common carpet in Hacienda (Large farm). Highlight of the restaurant is terrace lounge that guest can enjoy 270 degree of Tokyo view with resort style sofa seats and standing bar.

The architects create space depend on situation and direct an ordinary atmosphere.Latin luxury lounge base in white and bronze color is mainly made by marble and lose wood to enhance texture and provide rich, cozy and comfortable space with BGM of bustle of 9th floor.Composed by 2 sort of space, Dining & Terrace loungeon 9th Floor and Lounge on 10th Floor.