The Hanging Soul " Residential Complex " / Hashem Hany

Hashem Hany have sent us his project, under title of "The Hanging Soul" which is a residential complex, at Cairo, Egypt.

Hashem Hany is fresh graduate Architectural Engineer whom represented Egypt in one of top architectural graduation projects in the world, Got the Honored to be one of top 300 architectural graduation projects according to this international famous competition, and got one of top 3 places in top graduation projects in Egypt according to " Society of Egyptian Architects " 2012.

Here's the project info by the architect:

1-An upside down scraper Respecting the Phantom Limbs of the Old historical site soul.

2- Respecting Cairo skyline which is called “ City of 1000 Minerate ” by adding A new minaret & Turning it upside down as a Respect to its Glory Victorial History .

3- Describing the Futuristic thoughts of building forms which is neither on mountain hill nor on Earth ground but its digged & hanged on the mountain cliff.

4-Gaining all the Benefits of Mountain Natural life and Old Cairo View and Mountain Sports and Clean Environment and Clear Old Cairo City Monuments View.

5-Getting all the Pleasure& Enjoyment by getting into the Hanging Scraper Experience Conceptual idea :-
1-Using the Phantom Limbs of this Historical Site to Desgin its Own building
2- Egypt has one of the eldest Civilizations so i ve retrieved the 7 wanders conceptual form & to desgin the new building ideal form

Now, Let's you with the images: