The Moebius House by Planning Korea

in the quickly-developing island of jeju in korea, high-end residences are being built to give its residents are a leisure house on the paradisiacal
environment. designed by seoul-based firm planning korea, the 'moebius' house is derived from the mathematical anomaly and is nestled within
the gotjawal forest that formed over the volcanic rock, forming part of the new jeju airest city resort. the distinct curved form of the exterior band 
makes up the roof, expressed in the interior to maintain consistency with the character of a mobius strip. organized over two stories, the ground
level contains the gallery and living room with the private bedrooms on the second floor. large walls of glass open views to the forest reserve,
using the natural dense vegetation as a partial sun shade.

reflecting pool at the front of the house

front courtyard

view from the tree canopies


views out towards the ocean

floor plans