2014 World cup pavilion - Wing of glory by Mekene

2014 world cup pavilion - wing of glory by mekene
all images courtesy of mekene

seeking to establish a strong and coherent link with the existing landmark, this pavilion, designed by parisian-based firm mekene, was the first prize winner for the 'ac-ca competition: rio de janeiro symbolic world cup structure' for the 2014 FIFA world cup. the extension's winged form stems from the regular, semi-circular arches of the arcos de lapa, evolving freely as it reaches out further away from the aqueduct. physically supporting the new structure, the regular arches not only shelter various spaces beneath them, but also define the initial profile of the design. blending the old with the new, the wings become a part of the square's main feature. made from an inflated fabric membrane, the curving surfaces are supported by a light tubular aluminium frame, so it causes minimal stress and impact on the historic aqueduct pillars. 'wing of glory' offers a generous 400m2 shaded area, with all the functional spaces - information area, souvenir shop, cafe etc, tucked into boxes that slide between the arches. the membrane itself doubles as a projection screen, offering a large viewing area in the middle of the wing-like object. illuminated at night, the sculptural shelter glows with a soft white light.

view under the inflatable wing

aerial view of the project

night view of the project

plan and elevations

exploded view

site plan

proposed logo for the pavilion