Daniel Libeskind: Zhang Zhidong industrial museum underway

daniel libeskind: zhang zhidong industrial museum underway 
all images courtesy of studio libeskind

located in wuhan, arguably the birthplace of china's modern steel industry, the zhang zhidong industrial museum by daniel libeskind will both preserve and elevate the famous hanyang ironworks and hanyang arsenal. named after the eminent 19th century qing dynasty politician responsible for the modernization of the chinese army and for creating the model of the nation's steel industry, the zhang zhidong museum complex will pay homage to the cradle of the city's iron and steel culture as well as create touristic value to the manufacturing site of the hanyang-made rifle. the expansive plot will be programmatically divided into the modern industrial museum; the heavy industry museum, dedicated to ironworks history, military machinery and transportation; light industrial museum, focussed on water, power, textiles and food processing; and smaller buildings that highlight personnel and the history of chinese industrial workforce.

view of the green suburban site

a thickened, soaring curve will characterize the industrial museum

the intersection of energetic and orthogonal volumes tectonically manifested the layered history showcased in the building

the conversion of the steel mills into a cultural park takes shape at the historical nexus of a railroad system that once led to all provinces of china. the architecture seeks to manifest future aspirations for the region while remaining informed of the city's distinct and formative past. a thickened bow peaks to reframe views of the city while rings of greenery make up a traversable garden. the radiating lines of the park are reflected in the museum's floor plan in an effort to tectonically express a greater theme of looking respectfully at the past and reaching exuberantly toward the future.

the museum is expected to be completed by the next chinese new year. 

the architecture remains indebted to a rich industrial past and expresses enthusiasm for the future of wuhan

interior entrance view

interiors establish a spherical language pervasive throughout the design

an appropriately complex steel structure makes up the building

the skeleton of the building is already an impressive homage to the birthplace of the modern chinese steel industry

in progress view

detail of the structure beneath the thickened bow

sketches show the formal concept of radiating lines

another sketch highlights the gestalt of the museum

project info:
building size: 7,240 sq.m
structure: steel
client: wuhan yayuan vanke
architect of record: zhong nan design institute
structural engineer: zhong nan design institute
mechanical / electrical / plumbing engineer: zhong nan design institute
civil engineer: zhong nan design institute
lighting designer: zhong nan design institute
contractor: g.c wisco construction
status: under construction