The Best Ideas of Landscape Design with Malibu Lighting

Malibu low voltage lighting is successfully used throughout the world for implementation of safe, economy and creative landscape design projects in private houses and industrial objects. The essence of the Malibu lighting matter is that, using Malibu lighting products, it is always possible to achieve professional results in less than an hour.

Malibu lighting provides soft and warm illumination that causes an inviting sensation and brings people to a new level of visual perception. One of the most important features of Malibu lighting is its energy efficient capacity which is almost pennies on the dollar. While choosing Malibu lighting products it is possible to offer a full lighting kit that will include all necessary accessories and required lighting parts. If the kit variant cannot be appropriate by any reason, there is always an available variant of customized choice of cables, power packs and fixtures themselves.

Malibu lighting has been intentionally designed to underline the beauty of architectural constructions and smart landscaping peculiarities. They make the territory of your yard and home safer and magnificent during night time. To complete the landscape lighting system it is recommended to combine low voltage Malibu lighting with solar lights.

The Malibu lighting construction refers to do-it-yourself projects; it is extremely easy for installation and bears no hazard for children and pets.   

The main benefits offered by low voltage Malibu lighting are the following:
·         Brightness. Malibu fixtures produce a bright, white beam of light.
·         Light output. More of usable light is produced by Malibu fixtures.
·         Power source. Power pack for 12V can be easily plugged into standard receptacles.
·         Easy and quick installation. In average it takes about 1 hour, provided that standard tools are used.
·         Energy efficiency. Malibu low voltage lighting project costs no more than just pennies a night per its operation.

The wide range of Malibu lighting equipment guaranties the existence of a fixture that can suite any needs and requirements of its potential user. There are three main lighting fixtures positions. Each of these positions bears special designing idea and can be used in different situations.

1.      Downlighting
-          Increases the safety level;
-          Needs to be placed along the steps and walkways;
-          Allocates driveways;
-          Attracts attention to flower beds and garden paths;
-          Lays emphasis on cozy decks and quiet patios.
2.      Uplighting
-          Helps in creation of a focal point;
-          Is used for highlighting of decorative shrubs and small trees;
-          Provides a soft warm illumination of garden statuaries, fountains, pools and other architectural features.
3.      Backlighting
-          Increases the safety level;      
-          Outlines bushes and trees;
-          Is used for fences and walls illumination;
-          Serves for lighting up of house’s exterior.

These are just several of the main rules to be followed while planning the Malibu lighting design project. It is necessary to remember that each type of Malibu lighting fixtures has its own application.
·         Fashion lights are usually applied for driveways, shrubs and gardens illumination.
·         Down lights mainly highlight low lying ground covers, walkways and paths.
·         Markers are the low-profile lighting fixtures used for illumination of flower beds and line paths.
·         Floodlights accent various architectural features and trees.
·         Surface or deck lights provide safety and beautiful look for walls, decks, fences and steps.

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