Damiani-Holz & KO office building - MoDus Architects - Italy

MoDus Architects recently won a competition to design the new headquarters for Italian construction firm Damiani-Holz & KO by using every inch of both the building’s facade and interior to remind of the company’s identity. Waving wood paneling covers the exterior, providing shading that is only broken by the bold and often askew windows. The entryway is wrapped in a large metal frame, colored to complement the outside paneling.

Once inside, the inspired ways to remind of the firm’s ability continue. Each room uses differently shaped and formed ceilings, with the top level ceiling’s modular sections interspersed with small skylights. Hanging lamps utilize a curved framing reminiscent of the building’s exterior paneling. Stairways and tabletops feature fine modern finishes with varying hues, continuing the building’s theme of displaying all the potential styling in the construction firm’s repertoire.

View more of MoDus Architects’ creative design features by visiting the project page on their website (click Projects at the bottom right and select 0086 Damiani Holz).