Mritzeum Museum - Wingårdh Arkitektkontor AB - Germany

At the side of the motorway between Rostock and Berlin stands a brown sign with the stylised drawing of the “Müritzeum”. A sign that says there is something worth seeing! The remarkable thing is not the building but the large national park and the seven large lakes. Lake Müritz is the largest in Germany (Bodensee is shared with Switzerland and Austria), it is relatively shallow but all navigable. This is where the cranes stop before continuing their migration to lake Hornborga. 
The town of Waren is in the northern part of Müritz. It is a medieval town just over an hour’s drive from Berlin or Hamburg (the motorway speeds are still unlimited). 
Waren is a major tourist attraction for bicycle tours in the national park, trips on the lake system or simple walks between different gasthof. 
Waren is in the former East Germany and was considered something of a treasure.