Fabraft Design Lab, “Starry Wander.” - Taiwan

Fabraft Design Lab: “Starry Wander” is an installation of digital design and production. The installation’s curves, height, and the distance between its lanterns are precisely predetermined by the computer. The Starry Wander installation symbolizes a land of hope(s). . . .

When visitors walk beneath the installation, they make wishes for themselves, for others, and for the world—wishing upon the stars or, perhaps, the lanterns overhead.

The Starry Wander installation is located in CMP Block Museum of Arts in Taichung City, Taiwan. The installation is a part of a Christmas exhibition titled “Hey! I made a wish for you!”

Around 3,000 eco-friendly solar lanterns are used in Starry Wander, hung at numerous heights by strips of laser-cut fabric that were assembled on-site. In daytime, the lanterns absorb solar energy in order to shine at night.

Underneath the lantern canopy, abandoned tires are adopted as material for design of public furniture—once again, to respond to a theme of eco-friendliness. The tires are painted in different colors (periwinkle, Paris pink and mint) and piled up. Visitors can sit on these movable tire-chairs and appreciate the installation from said vantage point.

Fabraft Design Lab: The inspiration of Starry Wander installation comes from starlight, as captured by the human eye. When looking upon the starry sky, we see the stars from different distances; thus, we adapt the idea into the solar lanterns hung at various heights to reenact this visual impact.

Fabraft Design Lab: The exhibition reflects Taiwan’s current issues and controversies, hoping to convey a positive energy to society at large. Visitors are welcome to participate in a lantern-coloring, interactive event at CMP Block Museum of Arts. The revenues collected from lantern buyers will be donated to a charity association in Taiwan.

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Design Team: Fabraft Design Lab.
Project Management : Lo Cheng Wei.
Participants: Lo Cheng Wei, Chen Yu Ting, Huang Chien Ming , Kamm Kai Yu, Kima Lin, and Huang Yu Hsiang.
Organization: CMP PUJEN Foundation for Arts and Culture.
Client: CMP PUJEN Foundation for Arts and Culture.
Location: No.257-2, Sec. 1, Taiwan Blvd., Taichung City 407, Taiwan.
Display Dates: 11.21.2014-03.08.2015, excluding Mondays.