Yong He Yuan / Florent Nédélec Architecture - Taiwan

Located on the edge of New Taipei City in Taiwan, Yong He Yuan is a residential complex composed of two buildings, one of 27 floors and one of 17 floors, for a total of 88,580 square feet of development and 152 apartments.

The buildings have a unique design that incorporates a woven pattern throughout their façades. This pattern has been formed by interlacing the horizontal and vertical elements of the architectonic of the building into a single expressive texture made of engraving stripped of gray granites and black aluminum panels. The floor to ceiling windows are set recessed inside the pattern at the intersection of the horizontal and vertical elements and offer breathtaking views of Taipei and the landscape beyond.

A key element of the design was to give the façades an expressive and powerful character that calls to mind the Asian culture, have a simple yet sophisticated charm, and merge tradition and modernity. These elements were achieved with the design of the woven pattern, as it evokes the vernacular construction made of woven bamboo that can be found throughout the countryside in Asia; acts as a filter to protect the inhabitants from the sun and the direct views; and makes the heavy reinforced concrete earthquake-resistant structure disappear behind it.

Enshrouded with its rigorous geometry and vernacular inspiration, Yong He Yuan has an abstract and timeless appearance that mixes harmony and permanence into one design. It has a rhythm and materiality that speaks to the mind and provides an impression of simplicity and a sense of place that spells the core principles behind the project.